Auto and Car Insurance in and around Dawsonville and Jasper GA

Auto and car insurance should cover more than liabilities

When it comes to auto insurance we all want the best coverage at the best price. Payne Insurance can help you with best value auto and car insurance in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Ellijay and Jasper, GA.  You can start with basic requirements such as liability cover and uninsured motorist cover.  If you are at fault in an accident you must legally be able to meet your financial responsibilities. This is achieved with liability insurance that will cover you for the minimum amount specified in law.

If you own a car you are legally required to carry auto insurance and this is enforced via the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS).  However financial responsibility requirements only cover you for a set amount for damage or injury to 3rd parties. You also need to consider your own costs and potential losses.

As a vehicle owner you face many risks such as collision damage, theft, storms, vandalism and even normal mishaps. Proper car insurance will cover you for collision damage, theft, vandalism and possibly storm damage. Costs associated with vehicle accidents can be considerable and if you add medical expenses these costs could soon be beyond the means of most people. When you consider that auto insurance is relatively inexpensive it makes sense to have adequate coverage.

You may even own other vehicles such as a boat, motorcycle, off-road vehicle or recreational vehicle. Your auto insurance can also include these and provide you with peace of mind that you are adequately covered for your risks.  When you consider the various possibilities it is clear that auto insurance is not straightforward. For example what happens if someone else drives your car and has an accident? Will you be covered?

For best advice on car and auto insurance in Georgia you should speak to a recommended agent such as Payne Insurance.