Business Insurance in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, GA

Commercial and business insurance is not about gain but about risk management

At its roots insurance is a form of risk sharing and risk management. Commercial insurance is a particularly important form of risk management for businesses large and small. Basically an insurance carrier will take over the financial implications of loss due to some event in exchange for a premium. For best options in equitable risk transfer for your business in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Jasper, GA you should consult with the experts at Payne Insurance.

Business insurance is not gambling. Not having business insurance or inadequate commercial insurance is gambling. Gamblers are generally risk seekers whereas insurance is a form of risk mitigation and avoidance. When you think of the basics of commercial insurance it boils down to risk transfer. In the early days merchants who travelled treacherous journeys would distribute their wares and merchandise across different vehicles of vessels so as to spread the risk and minimize loss.

Business insurance is not about gain but about loss and risk management. The first forms of commercial insurance were already in evidence many years BC – lenders would carry risk of loss due to robbery or some other specified event in exchange for higher interest on a loan. These days we have separate insurance contracts and they tend to be a lot more complicated and involved than in those early days.

Modern day commercial insurance covers many areas including property insurance, liability insurance, losses due to business interruption, workmen’s compensation, indemnity insurance,  group health, sureties and bonds and much more.

Each business type also faces unique risks specific to the industry. For example a farmer will need crop insurance and a construction company will need builders bonds. Each business insurance contract also will have specific limits and certain exceptions and exclusions. When you deal with a professional