Home Insurance in Blue Ridge and Calhoun, GA

Why do we require home insurance?

Hazard insurance, popularly known as home insurance is a type of property insurance which is designed to protect our valuable assets against theft, fire or any kind of environmental disasters and for satisfying your mortgage lender as well. We, Payne Insurance help the customers in finding the right home insurance policy at the best price. If anyone is staying in or around Georgia or its neighbouring areas like- Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Jasper and GA needs a home insurance policy immediately, can contact us online www.payneinsuranceagency.com at any time.

Home insurance policy is an important purchase for all people in the world. There are 9 different types of home insurance policies and they are:

  1. Tenant Insurance Policy- If we are renting out a flat or house, we do not need buildings cover. Thus, we can focus on protecting our tenants.
  2. Students’ Insurance policy- Groups of friends staying in a rented house or flat will need student insurance
  3. Home Warranty– Although home warranty does not cover a home’s structure yet it covers the mechanical breakdown of individual parts of a home, like- plumbing and electrical parts.
  4. Title Insurance policy– It protects us as well as the mortgage lender against any monetary loss due to errors in the title. Title insurance is paid only once and that too while buying a home.
  5. Landlord’s Insurance policy- Landlords are responsible for the preservation of the flat or house that has been rented out. Landlord’s insurance policy covers things like- public liability insurance and rent.
  6. Buildings insurance policy- Apart from protecting the structure of a house, it also protects permanent fixtures, like kitchen and bathroom fittings as well as extension of building outdoors, like- roof and garages.
  7. Holiday Home Insurance Policy- Since holiday homes are usually left vacant for a long duration of time, there are high risks of burglary. So, holiday homes aren’t generally covered in the same way as a house.
  8. Content Insurance Policy- Never underestimate the value of the assets in a home. Contents Insurance Policy ensures that valuables and essentials, like- clothes and kitchen appliances are protected during a disaster.
  9. Historical Building Insurance Policy- This depends on its historic importance as well as cultural importance.