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Who needs life insurance?

Even if you are young and single, married, single parent, retired or a small-business owner you should think about how life insurance could help you. Life insurance means that after your death your beloved ones can benefit a certain amount of money. Let’s see some scenarios:

Single people – Usually single people don’t need life insurance because no one is depending on them, but there is an exception when the single person has a family member with special cares or elders parents. And if you are thinking to get a life insurance when you are young and healthy you can get much better prices.

Married people – Married couples think that if they have no child yet, they shouldn’t get life insurance. The thing is that you don’t know what tomorrow might bring you. What if you have an accident and your living spouse remains to pay all the bills and the loans that you made? And if you want to wait until pregnancy, you should know that some companies won’t issue life insurance to pregnant women.

Single parent – Being a single parent it is not easy. You are all they have, which is why you should get life insurance. In case that something happens with you, their financial future is secured.

Stay-at-home parent / grown children – No matter what is your situation, a stayed-home-parent or you have growing children; life insurance is something to think about. Just because you don’t have a salary, or you have children off to college doesn’t mean that you can’t or stop helping your family.

Small business owner – If you have a small business you can take care of it too not only your family. There are two contracts: buy-sell agreement and key person insurance. Buy-sell agreement refers to the other owner of the company. It is for the remaining partner/s that would have the necessary funds to buy the company interests of a deceased owner. Key person insurance provides the company with flexible finances to hire a replacement or to find another arrangement.

Retired – This means that if you pass away, your heirs may have to pay some taxes for your estate, up to 45%. But with life insurance, all the taxes can be covered without having to clear all your assets.

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