Life Insurance in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, Dawsonville, GA

Life insurance covers a certain and inevitable risk

Insurance is a way of spreading risk and life insurance is your way of ensuring the wellbeing of your loved ones when the risk knocks on your door. For affordable and best value life insurance in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Ellijay or Jasper, GA you should speak to team at Payne Insurance.

Insurance has been around a long time and life insurance has been around since ancient Roman times. For example the Roman military leader Caius Marius introduced a club system among troops that would cover funeral expenses of soldiers who perished in battle. You see the Romans felt proper burial was important and somebody who did not receive a proper burial would be a miserable spirit. We may not share the same beliefs but we would allso like to give loved ones a proper funeral.

In years gone by shipping was a risky business. Back in the 1600 there was a place called Lloyds coffee house were mariners and ship owners used to hang out. Eventually they created an insurance company for shipping and ship owners that later became known as Lloyds of London.

There was even a time when some preachers and authorities considered insurance and especially life insurance a form of gambling. There was a long period in history when women were not allowed to buy life insurance.

Today many people and especially families have life insurance and you also get group schemes such as service man’s group life to cover those in the armed forces. But there is still a large percentage of the population with little or no life insurance protection. There is a good reason why insurance has been around for so long. It is better to share the risk, even if it never happens than to deal with it on your own when it happens. One thing about life insurance that is different is that the covered risk is a certainty. It not a question or will it happen but rather when will it happen.