Vacation Home Insurance in Blue Ridge, GA, Calhoun, GA, Jasper, GA, and all the Surrounding Areas

You must have been prudent enough to protect your home and family with an insurance policy, but have you taken a policy for your second home? Payne Insurance Agency Is here to make sure people does not neglect and miss out on their vacation home insurance policy. We are known as one of the largest independent insurance agencies in this part the country offering various types of insurance with great coverage options to our clients since 1982. Whether you are looking for homeowners insurance, auto insurance, poultry farm and other farm insurance, life insurance, or even bonds and annuities, you can trust us to guide you in the right direction keeping your best interest in mind. It is this dedication that has given us many repeat clienteles. 

Vacation Home Insurance in Blue Ridge, GA, Calhoun, GA, Jasper, GA

 Below we have mentioned 3 notable factors that affect your vacation home insurance cost. Take a look. 

  1. Location 

Location is a primary determinant to decide your premium. While a beach house is more exposed to wind and motor damage the premiums will be high whereas house in the middle of the city is exposed to low risk which will reduce the cost of your premium. 

2. Type of property 

The premium rate of your insurance will also depend on whether your vacation home is a single-occupancy house, a condominium, or a town house. This division is primarily done by the Homeowners Association. A stand-alone chalet usually has a low insurance cost. 

3. Amenities  

More the number of amenities in your vacation home higher will be the premium rate. Features like swimming pool, hot tub, and other ornamental stuff increases the risk of damage thus fetch a higher insurance premium. 

So, if you live in the regions of Blue Ridge, GA, Jasper, GA, Ball Ground, Calhoun, GA, Fairmount, GA, and Dawsonville, and are looking for an all encompassing vacation home insurance, you can get in touch with our agents on 706-635-7555.