Workers Comp Insurance in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun or Dawsonville

Workers Comp Insurance protects the interests of workers and employers

As an employer you have liability issue in the event of work related accident and resultant injury. Illness as a result of working conditions also falls under the ambit workers compensation laws. As employer you face a liability irrespective of fault or no fault. Workers Comp Insurance protects employers in the event of work related injuries and illnesses. For example if a worker suffers hearing loss as a result of equipment noise he or she could have a valid claim against the workers comp insurance.  Other examples include slipping on an oily surface or sustaining injury due to a fire . Every business needs workmen’s compensation insurance to protect the workers as well as the business.

In fact workers comp insurance is compulsory in Georgia.  For cost effective workers comp insurance in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Calhoun, Dawsonville, Ellijay or Jasper, GA you should speak to the team at Payne Insurance.

Workers Comp Insurance covers medical expenses, hospitalization as well as loss of income. Before workers comp insurance an employee would have to file suit which could take months or years to finalize. This led to unnecessary hardship for workers who were injured at work. Under workmen’s compensation laws an injured worker does not have to prove fault or wait months or years for compensation. The injured employee can now claim benefits from your workmen’s comp insurance which will cover a portion of lost wages and will also cover medical treatment and care.

If you have workmen’s comp then an injured employee cannot file civil action against you and instead has to claim against the workmen’s comp insurance.

Insurance is competitive and workers comp is no exception. An independent agent such as Payne Insurance knows where to find the most competitive workers comp insurance for you and your business.